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Edge Computing

Self-driving cars are, as far as I’m aware, the ultimate example of edge computing. Due to latency, privacy, and bandwidth, you can’t feed all the numerous sensors of a self-driving car up to the cloud and wait for a response. Your trip can’t survive that kind of latency, and even if it could, the cellular network is too inconsistent to rely on it for this kind of work.

But cars also represent a full shift away from user responsibility for the software they run on their devices. A self-driving car almost has to be managed centrally. It needs to get updates from the manufacturer automatically, it needs to send processed data back to the cloud to improve the algorithm

What is edge computing? via The Verge

The decision to avoid an obstacle or slam on the brakes needs to happen instantaneously. A self driving car does not have the luxury of time to wait for a decision to beam down from the cloud. A car must have the latest decision-making ability available on board, so it can react to inputs using it’s current understanding and update the model in the cloud to enhance the driving capabilities of the entire fleet cars.

Further reading/viewing:

The End of Cloud Computing by Peter Levine

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