AI Today

Today was AI day.

Artificial Intelligence arrives, expands, supercharges, gets stuck, provokes the apocalypse, and returns from the past, defying all sense of logic, in a single day. The topic is a couple Wolverine stories away from an Xmen franchise.

From today:
The Arrival of Artificial Intelligence from Stratechery with comments from HN
New institute aims to make Toronto an ‘intellectual centre’ of AI capability from The Star
Apple’s AI Director: Here’s How to Supercharge Deep Learning from MIT Technology Review
Is Artificial Intelligence Stuck in A Rut? from MIT Technology Review

Plus some extras from a few days ago:
Elon Musk’s Billion Dollar Crusade to Stop the AI Apocalypse from Vanity Fair
How Aristotle Created the Computer from The Atlantic

And a throwback:
Artificial Intelligence: Past and Future from ACM

One more addition (maybe two). Any AI day should include the Wait but Why articles on superintelligence:
The AI Revolution: The Road to Superintelligence By Tim Urban (and part 2)

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