Week in Review – September 10, 2017

Book, Articles, and Readings Are Your Lights On? Thanks DHH On Writing Well Telling people what you are working on To determine what is not a hotdog, use Keras  It’s all a hack The fall of Juicero and ICO Fever If a Silicon Valley executive does something, it is “hacking.” Doing your laundry? That’s a […]

Week in Review – August 27, 2017

Eclipse 2K17! NYTimes Live Stream & Recap National Geographic Photos Smarter Every Day International Space Station Transit Casey Neistat Eclipse from Five Angles Excited Guy from 2016 Eclipse Tech & Programming Scaling Instagram Infrastructure -InfoQ YouTube Smart Pointers Part 1 and 2 – Fluent CPP Books & Reading Disney’s Choice Stratechery Vertical companies like Apple achieve profits […]

Two Weeks in Review – August 20, 2017

Thoughts on Renew Psychology Here’s a test. I decided not to renew nautilus for $29 a year. I already have another 1 year on my subscription, and while I currently would like to have the magazine for another year I am balancing a few things to decide if in one year I want it for […]

Notice anything interesting?

I came across two articles the other day which made me stop and think after noticing a connection. The Guardian article on The North Face and Patagonia The North Face and Patagonia began offering professional outdoor gear to enthusiasts. As their brands gained recognition, they used this fame to stamp their logo on “high-end hobbyist” gear with […]